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  • Arts Awards

    Published 03/05/22
    We are so happy for our first round of Arts Award candidates who received their ‘Discover’ certificates today,  launching Nelson Academy as an Arts Award Centre. The year 6 group evaluated the Barbican Box project which they took par
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  • Woodland Trust Gold Award

    Published 29/04/22
    We have achieved our Gold Award! To accomplish this, we had to complete a variety of environment-based activities. Examples include - planting trees, creating art with natural items, and learning to appreciate woodlands whilst realising the impo
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  • New Library Mural

    Published 09/03/22

    Our New Library Mural and the talented Artists

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  • Number Day 2022

    Published 24/02/22

    Having Fun with Numbers!

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  • Queens Green Canopy Plaque

    Published 22/02/22

    We have officially completed the requirements for the Queen's Canopy project! Our virtual plaque can be viewed below.

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  • Bird watching

    Published 27/01/22

    Bird Watching

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  • Ukulele Lessons

    Published 21/01/22

    Ukulele Lessons at Nelson Academy

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  • Tree Planting

    Published 05/01/22

    Tree Planting at Nelson Academy

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  • Children in Need 2021

    Published 30/11/21

    Children in Need 2021

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  • Year 6 Legacy Project

    Published 15/06/20


    Year 6 Legacy Project — Pond Restoration

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