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NSPCC Number Day 2024

Friday 2nd of February was the return of the NSPCC Number Day, where Nelson Academy raised lots of money for this amazing charity.

The children were asked to dress up in anything number related and there was a mixture of all sorts of wonderful outfits. We saw lots of football shirts, home-made number t-shirts, numbers painted on faces, and we also saw lots of wacky and creative costumes, such as dart boards, calculators, dice and Numberblocks!  Everyone looked fantastic.

During the day, the children took part in lots of number based activities and each year group were challenged to come up with a way to make money in the style of The Apprentice. The children came up with some fantastic ideas, such as a tuck shop, a second hand toy and book stall, workshops, sponsored spelling bee and making things to sell such as biscuits and bookmarks.

The final amount raised was £804. Well done to everyone involved!