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ECO Awards for Nelson Academy

Congratulations to all at Nelson Academy.

Please see below the letter we received along with the certificate. 

Thank you for taking part in the Primary Awards for Green Education in Schools (PAGES) 2024. I am delighted to inform you that Nelson Academy has been selected as a Runner Up with your project ’Eco Economics’.  

Almost 35,000 young people were involved in the creation of entries for this year’s competition. It was fantastic to see the diverse approaches that schools in the UK are taking to delivering environmental education to their children. The young people’s passion and commitment really shone through! With over 270 entries received, it was a very difficult decision to select our winners and runners-up, so you and all of the children involved should be very proud of this achievement.

We were amazed at how many great ideas the children had had for raising money. We particularly liked the outdoor skills lessons and the bear face painting, but all of the different shops and stalls were fantastic. You have also raised large amounts of money to support various charities, and eco projects at school too. Brilliant work, everyone.

We were also awarded a 'Highly Commended 2024' for our project - Investigation, Interacting, and Interesting Facts.