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Our Classes

Nursery - Dragon

Nelson Academy Nursery

Nelson Academy Nursery

At Nelson Academy Nursery we are proud to have been part of the ‘Good’ Ofsted judgement within our Academy environment.

Being part of the Nelson Academy also means that we are able to access all aspects of the school e.g. using the hall for physical development activities and the wildlife area to learn about the world around us.  All children are provided with free fruit and milk, and have access to both indoor and outdoor learning environments.  If you are planning to send your child to Nelson Academy, then being in our Nursery will make the transition easier.

Nursery sessions:    Morning session – 9am – 12noon
Afternoon session – 12noon – 3pm
All day – 9am – 3pm

Claim your 15 hours FREE education or 30 hours of FREE education (subject to eligibility) – Contact us for more details 01366 383824 


We believe that Nursery should build on the valuable learning experiences that children have at home to give them a head start in their social, physical and educational development.

Research shows that children learn best when they feel happy, safe, secure and excited about what they are doing. It is our job to encourage children to explore, question, make choices, collaborate and have fun learning. These experiences will allow them to develop a love of learning and build strong friendships with their peers.

Children can start at Nelson Academy Nursery with funding (15 or 30 hours) the term after their third birthday.  However, if you would like to pay extra, your child can start as soon as they turn 3.  All of our sessions are 3 hours long and we understand that every family has different work and home commitments. Therefore, we offer a flexible approach to how these sessions are used. You can choose between morning or afternoon sessions, or a mix of full and half days.

Sessions and fees

Our timings are:
Morning session – 9am – 12noon
Afternoon session – 12noon – 3pm
All day – 9am – 3pm

Additional paid sessions will be available soon at a cost of £10 per session; please call the Nursery on 01366 383824, or ask for more information when you visit us.

Learning at Nelson Academy Nursery

As with the rest of the academy, the nursery takes a topic-based learning approach, as well as following the child’s own interests.  Nursery news and events information are shared via our class dojo page.  Every month we have a Stay and Play session– we hope you can join us!


Mrs Carman – Nursery Room Leader

Mrs Sharpe – Nursery Practitioner

Mrs Lloyd – Nursery Practitioner

Mrs Barber – Nursery Practitioner

Reception - Wyvern & Leprechaun

Reception – Leprechaun and Wyvern

Welcome to Reception!

We are Mrs Sykes and Mrs Limbert, Wyvern and Leprechaun Class teachers. In our classrooms you will also find Miss Gipp, Miss Driscoll, Mrs Whiting, Miss Knapp, Mrs Crane and Miss Smith.

Everyone has been incredibly enthusiastic and hard working in what has been a challenging time. The children are showing great resilience and determination to succeed.

There is so much to look forward to this term. We are all very excited to continue our learning using Letters and Sounds, opening up our potential to become brilliant readers and writers. We have also got our wonderful Numicon resources ready to help us learn new Maths skills and are enjoying the introduction to Numbots.

To start the Summer term we will be learning about Mini-beasts to begin with, through exploring, investigating, information gathering and crafts. We will be moving onto under the Sea and then farm animals across Summer 1. We will use all of our skills to gather facts and develop our knowledge of these animals and their environments.

The second half of the summer will see us learning about foods from around the world and healthy eating, as we prepare for a summer of exercise and fun. We shall explore ways to stay healthy and will complete a number of fun activities as part of the schools annual ‘Healthy living week’.

We aim to have a busy term of exciting experiences and look forward to developing our knowledge through guided lessons and child initiated play based learning.

If you have any questions or would like to look round our EYFS, please do not hesitate to call the school and ask to speak to us.

Mrs Sykes – Assistant Principal EYFS & KS1 and Wyvern Class Teacher

Mrs Limbert – Leprechaun Class Teacher

Year 1 - Hippogriff & Thunderbird

Year 1 – Hippogriff and Thunderbird

Welcome to Year 1

We are Mr Taylor and Miss Atkinson, Thunderbird and Hippogriff Class teachers. In our classrooms you will also find Mrs Bunting and Mrs Burns.

Everyone has been incredibly enthusiastic about returning to school for what is the second time now. The children have been working extremely hard both at home and in the class and seem to be fully settled into life in Year One!

In our Year One rooms, we have created a calm and inviting atmosphere for the children, with our ambient lamp lighting, cosy book corners and decorative plants.

There is so much to look forward to this summer term. In English we will continue to develop our reading and writing skills through phonics and a range of topics including George and the Dragon, King Arthur, The Lorax and the scientist Jane Goodall.

We will be learning about looking after the earth, the seven continents of the world, architecture of the state and even making our own aeroplanes as we look at the work of Wilbur and Orville Wright. Children will have the chance to work scientifically and explore materials as well as look after their own plants.

We hope your children enjoy their time in Year One and we are sure they will leave our classes knowing more, remembering more and achieving more!

Mr Taylor – Thunderbird Class Teacher

Miss Atkinson – Hippogriff Class Teacher


Year 2 - Sphinx & Selkie

Year 2 – Selkie and Sphinx

Welcome to Year 2!

Our team is made up of two classes: Selkie and Sphinx. The adults in Selkie class are Miss Abbott, Miss Garner and Miss Armstrong. In Sphinx class the adults are Miss Hare, Mrs Pepper and Mrs McDonald.

We are excited to be starting this year by learning about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings!

In English, we have already written some fantastic stories using the story 'Escape from Pompeii. We will continue to develop our writing skills by using books as our inspiration. 

In Science we will be learning about living things and their environment. We will be looking at different habitats and what animals need in order to survive. 

In Geography we will be looking at our climate and observing how it changes over time. We will also be comparing climates with different continents. 

Maths this term will be focused on fractions and then moving onto measurement. 

We will be continuing with daily phonics sessions to help develop reading, spelling and comprehension skills. We will also be developing our spelling knowledge with weekly spelling tests.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the year Two team. We look forward to an exciting year!


Miss Abbott – Selkie Class Teacher

Miss Hare – Sphinx Class Teacher

Year 3 - Griffin & Phoenix

Year 3 – Griffin and Phoenix

Welcome to Year 3!

Our teams are:- Griffin – Miss Traylen (Mon-Wed) Mrs J Sykes (Thur-Fri) and Mrs Short Phoenix – Miss Chown, Miss Veal (AM) and Miss Jeffries

Phoenix class have PE on a Monday and Tuesday and Griffin class have PE on a Monday and Wednesday. Children will need to come to school in their PE kits on their PE days.

Children are expected to develop independence in KS2, so please make sure all clothes are named so it is easier to return them if they are misplaced. Water bottles should also be named and in school every day.

This term we are learning about life cycles and rivers as well as the Elizabethan Era.



Homework should be completed every week, and will rotate around different subjects. It could be some topic research, a practical craft task, maths, English or grammar. Homework will be set on class dojo every Wednesday. Please send a picture of homework via class dojo when complete.


It’s important that children practise their spellings every week. These will be posted on dojo and tested on a Tuesday in class.


It’s important to read as often as possible at home to build fluency and vocabulary skills. This can include library books or books you have at home, just sign them in your record. Children need to bring their books in to be changed on a Tuesday and new books will be sent home on Thursdays.

Times Tables

In Year 3 we need to know our tables and division facts for 2/5/10/3/4/8, ready for knowing all of them fluently by the end of Year 4. We will group the children according to the times table or badge they are working on. Please practise these as often as you can at home! The children now have a Times tables Rockstars log in which they can use at home to practise their times tables.


Miss Traylen and Mrs Sykes – Griffin Class Teachers

Miss Chown – Phoenix Class Teacher

Year 4 - Chimera & Hydra

Year 4 – Chimera and Hydra

Hello and welcome to Year 4, it is great to be back. The teacher for Chimera Class is Mrs Nyarko and Mr Bidder teaches Hydra. We are lucky to be supported by Mrs Clark, Mrs Tasker, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Clarke.

After another lockdown, the pupils have returned, eager to learn. We have enjoyed a topic about Sikhism which included drama, comic strips, art and English skills. They are now experts! We have completed activities to support well-being and are now enjoying extra PE sessions to develop team work and social skills as well as getting active! Our classes have also celebrates Comic Relief and helped to raise money for this charity event.

This term we will be studying The English Civil War and The Great Fire of London in history. In geography, we will be learning about Eastern Europe. Art will focus on architecture and link with our history. In science, pupils will be learning about ecology and environmental issues. It’s a jam-packed term!

In Maths, we will continue to follow the White Rose planning for some units and this half term, the pupils will build on their knowledge of fractions and decimals as well as revising written methods and times tables. Our work in English will be linked to our topics and pupils will look at journalistic writing and play scripts.

Homework will be sent home (via dojo) on a Wednesday for completion by the following Monday. We would like this homework returned by dojo or portfolio. Daily reading is still vital in Year 4 and Reading Journals should be completed and return to school – books will be issued on a Thursday to be returned by the following Tuesday. Spellings will continue to be set on Edshed and we also have a big push on times tables – they can revise these using Times Tables Rock Stars. Sadly, we won’t be able to invite you in to join us for a learning café at the moment.

PE days are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and children must wear their kit to school on those days. Just a reminder that earrings should be removed (at home if children struggle to do this themselves).


Mrs Nyarko – Chimera Class Teacher

Mr Bidder – Hydra Class Teacher

Year 5 - Kelpies & Yeti

Year 5 – Kelpies and Yeti

Welcome to Year 5 Kelpies and Yetis…. and our ‘Yelpie Bubble’! We have already settled in to the ‘new normal’ and are adjusting to the changes …even the early mornings.  Our teams are Yeti Class: Mrs.Melia (teacher), Mrs.Galley and Mrs. Shelbourne, Kelpies Class: Mrs Sekatawa (teacher), and Mrs.Gallagher. We are also very lucky to have a share in Mrs.Boyes when she is not being a superhero covering elsewhere.

Together we came up with our ‘bubble’ rules. Easy to remember as they are covered by 3 words:

Ready, Respectful and Safe.

The Year 5 team are so excited about our topic for the first half of the summer half term – it’s a hard hitting but very important topic: the transatlantic slave trade.

We’ll be learning about why the slave trade happened, how enslaved Africans were treated as well as learning how the abolitionists worked to stop this practice.

In English, we be writing narratives based on the book “Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt”, crafting an exciting story about how an enslaved character could escape. We’ll also be writing persuasions in role as William Wilberforce (a famous abolitionist).

In Geography, we will be continuing our work looking at different regions of the UK by looking at the geography of the East Midlands. We’ll look at the major industries there, how the Grand Union Canal is used and look at what there is to do for a tourist there. I’d like to visit now!

Our creative subjects also include links to our topic, so it is a really immersive half term. In Art, we will learn about the art of Africa including designing and making our own freedom quilts panels. Our music this half term will be based around songs of slavery and writing our own coded escape songs.

Our RE learning this half term considers how a Sikh’s beliefs impact on the way they live their lives and how they show their commitment to God in the modern world a great topic to promote tolerance and understanding of all faiths.

Science looks at properties of matter including solutions and the elements – the real nitty gritty of physics and chemistry!

We’ll be learning how to talk about our leisure activities in French, as well as when we do things. Telling the time in French could prove a bit of a challenge, so we would appreciate your help at home to ensure they can tell the time using an analogue clock in English before we brave time in French!

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a really thought provoking, knowledge building term and we are really looking forward to seeing how they progress!

Mrs Sekatawa – Kelpies Class Teacher

Mrs Melia – Yeti Class Teacher


Year 6 - Pegasus & Cerberus

Year 6 – Cerberus and Pegasus

Hello and welcome to Year 6!

We have two Y6 classes called Cerberus and Pegasus. In Cerberus Class we have Mr Rossiter (Teacher) and Mrs Plummer (Teaching Assistant). In Pegasus Class you will find Mrs Jack (Teacher) and Mrs Barnes (Teaching Assistant). This year, they have also been joined by Mrs Francis (SEN Teaching Assistant). The adults in our Year 6 classes are determined to give our pupils the perfect end to their time in primary school, ensuring outstanding progress with lots of fun along the way.

The year starts with a focus on the basics of English and maths. The knowledge and skills developed early on will stand our children in good stead as they move onto more challenging Year 6 work. We will also read a variety of books that accompany our learning, as well as providing opportunities to relax and listen to a good story. This year we will be starting with a fairy tale to get our minds back into different writing styles, before moving onto Clockwork (by Philip Pullman) which is always a favourite of our Year 6 pupils.

Throughout the school we look at some fascinating topics, and this year is no exception. We start by looking at the processes and life cycles of plants. This is a particularly detailed piece of scientific study that will help to prepare pupils for their science work at high school. In our history lessons, we will be looking at The Industrial Revolution and the changes this heralded for the country we live in today, as well as others around the globe. If the children work really hard, we may even let them eat cake (Yes, we know it was actually brioche).

Our geography work starts with a look at the world, learning some valuable life skills (such as map reading) along the way. In RE, we will focus on Christianity and Islam. Our art work will also tie in nicely with our history, researching Victorian artwork and creating our own imitations. We will also be developing our understanding of Renaissance art, looking at famous pieces such as the Mona Lisa. Our language work will continue to focus on French and in PE we will cover a variety of different team and individual sports. As the year progresses we like to see our pupils become more competitive when participating in team events. Yes, taking part is important but we also love to see that competitive edge that will help children as they grow up and take their place in the world.

It’s going to be a great year and we are so excited to see what our latest group of Year 6 pupils can achieve.

Mr Rossiter – Assistant Principal KS2 and Cerberus Class Teacher

Mrs Jack – Pegasus Class Teacher

SRB - Neugles

ASD SRB Unit – Glasgow Neugles

ASD SRB Glasgow Neugles

About us-

Glasgow class is an ASD specialist resource base (SRB) for children in both key stages 1 and 2. The maximum capacity for the class is 10 children, enabling a higher adult to pupil ratio to support learners. Pupils benefit from a low stimulus work environment with different areas for students to work, learn and play. Our SRB is attached to the main school and is a safe secure space divided into appropriate spaces such as chill out areas and learning environments adapted to the children’s needs. We access all areas of the main school including the playgrounds and outdoor spaces, halls and library.


Why apply-

Applications should be made if the school-based interventions at a child’s home school are not proving effective in supporting their progress in line with their assessed ability. A higher ratio of adult to child staffing can support additional needs and provide interventions needed. Pupils are not required to have an EHCP (Education, Health, Care Plan) to join the SRB.

How to apply-

School can apply for a pupil to attend the SRB by completing the online referral form on the Norfolk Schools website: . A panel meeting happens once every half term to discuss suitability of a placement and to assign places should they be available.

The first step in the application process is for the home school and the child’s parents to contact the SRB Lead Teacher, Clara Smith, to have a discussion and arrange an observation of the child in their home school. The home school will then be required to complete the SRB referral form by the deadline dates published on the Norfolk Schools website.

The approach to teaching and learning at the SRB-

In Glasgow class we offer a differentiated curriculum which enables children to learn in a variety of ways: 1:1, in small groups, whole class and with their class in main school. All staff have specialist ASD training and Norfolk Steps to support de-escalation and reduce the likelihood of a child reaching crisis. Children will progress with academic skills through engaging activities .


Pupils arrive in school at 8.55am.

The day starts with reading and sensory circuits followed by a morning lesson. At break time they have both time outdoors and indoors to play as well as snack time. There is a session before break that is usually split into 2 lessons. The afternoon includes a lesson, a sensory activity and ended with some relaxation. The day school day finishes at 3pm.

SRB Curriculum

In the SRB we follow the National Curriculum. We make adaptations to ensure the needs of the students are met as well as making academic progress. We include; social and emotional development though extended P.S.H E sessions, sensory activities to support self-regulation such as sensory circuits. The timetable is also adapted to give appropriate sensory breaks and small group interventions.

As a class, we try to join in with the mainstream school as much as possible. We engage with whole school activities, as well as encourage staff and students to come to visit the SRB.

SRB Network-

The teachers from Glasgow class attend the ASD SRB network meetings to liaise and share best practice with professionals working within similar settings and specialist provision. As part of this network, all staff working within the SRB can access specialist training. We have a specialist partner from Fred Nicholson special school that comes in to support staff, observe and provide additional training. Please see the Norfolk site for further information: This will provide you with further information relating to the programme, details of SRB specialism, key stage (and ages) catered for and name of SRB.


Should you wish any further information please contact either Miss Smith on 01366 383824 or via email