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School Uniform

At Nelson Academy children are required to wear uniform.  Our uniform is formal, clearly defined and we expect all students to wear it correctly with pride. All students should wear the appropriate uniform unless there is a valid medical or cultural reason why they cannot wear a particular item or why they have to wear an additional garment.

There are two sets of academy uniform as follows: 



  • Grey/navy or black skirt/trousers/pinafore dress,
  • White blouse,
  • Navy blue ‘V neck’ jumper or cardigan with Nelson Academy logo
  • Plain green tie.


  • Blue checked dress or
  • Grey/navy or black skirt/trousers and white blouse, Navy blue ‘V neck’ jumper or cardigan with Nelson Academy logo and plain green tie.



  • Grey/black or navy trousers,
  • White shirt,
  • Navy blue ‘V neck’ jumper with Nelson Academy logo 
  • Plain green tie.


  • Grey/black or navy trousers or shorts,
  • White shirt,
  • Navy blue ‘V neck’ jumper with Nelson Academy logo 
  • Plain green tie.
  • All children should wear flat black shoes.
  • Year Six students are required to wear a black blazer with Nelson Academy logo in addition to uniform as described above.
  • There is a separate uniform for Nelson Academy nursery students – Navy blue sweatshirt with Nelson Academy logo.

PE Kit

All pupils are to wear PE Kit on their PE day.


  • White or green t-shirt with school logo or plain white or green t-shirt.
  • Black shorts.
  • Black Jogging bottoms/leggings.
  • Fleece with school logo or school jumper - no hoodies.
  • Sports trainers suitable for active lessons and being outside.

Parents/Carers are responsible for ensuring their child attends school wearing the correct uniform.

Please ensure all uniform fits properly and is suitable for school/active sports.



Children are allowed to wear wristwatches and one set of small round stud ear-rings in their ear lobes to school.  No other piercings are suitable for school - This is to comply with Health and Safety. No bracelets, necklaces or rings should be worn to school, again for safety reasons. 

Jewellery must be removed for PE activities and swimming. We cannot use tape any more to cover earrings, so children must either have their earrings removed before they come to school or they can remove them themselves before the lesson starts. PE is part of the National Curriculum so children cannot miss lessons due to un-removed earrings, but it does mean they will have to do PE in isolation away from their peers.

This is to comply with Health and Safety, and to ensure that all children are kept safe.

We encourage parents, if they wish to have a child’s ears pierced, to do this in the long summer holiday.

We unfortunately can not take responsibility for any loss of jewellery at the academy.


Official embroidered uniform can be purchased from Stratfords in King’s Lynn on 01553 772043 or at You can go into the shop and buy it or phone an order through. It can then be posted to your home address or delivered free to the school on a Tuesday. If you do order online, you will now need a password, which is NEL001.

Please can we ask that all children from Reception through to Year 5 only purchase the jumper or cardigan. Sweatshirts are only to be worn by children who attend our Nursery. Children in Year 6 should wear a blazer.

Make up and Bags

Make up, including hair mascara, is not allowed to be worn by pupils at the academy.

Only backpacks can be used as school bags, no handbags please.

Lost property

We always try to return lost items and it helps us enormously if you name clothing. If something does go missing then there are lost property stores in the entrance by the office. We regret that the academy cannot accept liability for lost items, nor store lost property indefinitely.