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Our vision – Achieving Through Learning

Education is an ever evolving area, often throwing up challenges which we believe should be seen as opportunities. At Nelson Academy we want to work in partnership with children and their families to ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We are the foundation of a learning journey which will last far beyond each child’s time with us. At Nelson Academy we will endeavour to work hard to ensure that your child receives the very best educational experience and in return we expect the best from them.

We strive to create a safe, friendly environment in which everyone is valued and given the confidence to be inquisitive and love learning. We shall provide experiences which inspire the children to thrive as part of a growing community with high aspirations and opportunities for all.

The ethos of our school is one of inclusion, equality, excellence, enjoyment and very high expectations and aspirations.


Our core aims and principles – what we want for every child at Nelson Academy

At Nelson Academy, our mission is to create an outstanding educational environment where everybody is valued. Our key drivers are:
– Raising aspirations
– Widened opportunities for developing learning
– The pursuit of excellence through risk taking
– ‘Achieving Through Learning’
– ‘Transforming lives, transforming communities’


At Nelson Academy our values are:

Care - To look out for each other and ourselves to support and guide one another to succeed. 

Respect - To treat others well by listening and understanding different opinions and beliefs. 

Enjoy - A feeling of happiness and fulfilment. 

Achieve - To challenge yourself to reach your goals and aspirations for the future. 

Teamwork - To work as one to build each other’s strengths and support weaknesses. 

Environment - The world/space around you where animals, people and plants live or operate.

We share the Eastern Multi-Academy vision of: Empower – Motivate – Achieve – Transform


Empower, engage and to encourage children to be in control of their own learning


Feel motivated to continue their learning outside of the class room and will have developed the perseverance, resilience and love of learning required for the next phase of their education


Ensure that all children and colleagues achieve their full potential


To start to transform the future opportunities and progress of the children